Feeling the Warmth of Hometown and Seeking Good Ideas for Development - Chairman Wang Xiaofei Attended the Activity of 2nd Xuzhou Talent Meeting and Jiangsu Entrepreneurs "Huai River Economic Zone Central City Tour"

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On May 21, the second Xuzhou Talent Meeting and Jiangsu Entrepreneurs "Huai River Economic Zone Central City Tour" was held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. Wang Xiaofei, Chairman of Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group, and Yang Kunsheng, General Manager, were invited to attend the activity.

The purpose of this activity is to strengthen communication, exchange and cooperation with well-known people from Xuzhou at home and abroad, bring together the global Xuzhou merchants to seekcommon development, further expand the opening, and gather efforts to build anew strong prosperous and beautiful Xuzhou, so as to better promote the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on Jiangsu's development,and particularly to complete the instructions with excellent results to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China.

The activity received positive responses and strong supports from Xuzhou people at home and abroad, and about 200 guests at home and abroad from eight fields of industry and commerce, science and technology, education, health care, culture, media,finance, overseas associations and overseas Chinese community  come back home.

In recent years, Xuzhou has vigorously promoted industrial transformation,urban transformation and ecological transformation, and created a road of revitalization and transformation with Xuzhou characteristics. A new prosperous civilized and harmonious Xuzhou has rapidly risen in the ancient land.

During the interview, Chairman Wang Xiaofei said, Xuzhou is my second hometown, my dream of starting a business achieved here, carrying memorable memories. More than 20 years ago, I ended my working career and came to Xuzhou to set up an electrical sales company. Through hard work, with good reputation and service,and gradually set up a customer base, growing up bit by bit. We have completed more than 200 projects in Xuzhou. Guanyin Airport, concert hall, art museum,botanical garden, XCMG, Texhong Textile Group and other important municipal projects and well-known enterprises are our customers.

Chairman Wang Xiaofei is excited about the great changes in Xuzhou in recent years. "I feel Xuzhou more and more attractive, more and more like a metropolis, and the city is clean with developed industry and commence. I am most impressed by the changes in traffic. The peripheral northwest belt highway and the internal third-ring road viaduct form a three-dimensional transportation system. Metro Line No.1, which will open in September this year, will become the new city scene in Xuzhou.

When the reporter asked Chairman Wang, "What kind of role the industry, which you are working in, will play in the development and transformation of Xuzhou and what are the connections?" Chairman Wang Xiaofei said that in recent years, Xuzhou has realized the transformation from an old industrial base to an emerging industrial and commercial city, deepened the structural reform on the supply side, resolutely promoted the coal, steel, cement and other industries to cut  overcapacity, and vigorously developed high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other emerging industries. And the power equipment manufacturing industry we are engaged is one of the emerging industries that Xuzhou has focused on. I haven't left the industry for more than 30 years, just to fulfill a dream - to build a world-class electrical national brand. We have always adhered to invest scientific and technological research and development over the years, has independent intellectual property rights of high-end technology and products. The mechanical life, protection level, and application environment of the newly developed circuit breakers and switchgear are far beyond the international similar products, all representing the world’s leading level.

Feel the warmth of  hometown and seek good ideas for development.The reporter asked Chairman Wang to contribute the ideas to the future development of Xuzhou. Chairman Wang Xiaofei said that Xuzhou's vigorous development of high-end equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries has changed the past single industrial structure. However, the industrial level needs to be further enhanced. At the same time, it is necessary to add new driving force to stimulate industrial vitality, such as the introduction of the power equipment manufacturing industry of which the level is high and the market demand is large, especially through the technical advantages and scale advantages to lever the huge "Belt and Road" international market, seize international cooperation opportunities.

A series of major activities, such as Huai River Economic Zone Central City Theme Forum, Huai River International Land Port Development Exchange Seminar, Emerging Industry Project Cooperation Promotion Conference, set up a platform for exchanges and cooperation between entrepreneurs and Xuzhou, deepening their understanding of Xuzhou's economic and social development, business environment and industrial policies.  It provides opportunities for entrepreneurs across the country to get to know each other and enhance their feelings.

It is reported that, taking this activity as an opportunity, Zhongke Electric Power intends to invest in Xuzhou to build a production base and R&D center, making use of Xuzhou's transportation advantages and talent advantages to build the largest power equipment production base in northern China, to add new impetus to Xuzhou's high-end equipment manufacturing industry .

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