Chairman Wang Xiaofei Was Invited to Attend Jiangsu Development Conference

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The 2nd Jiangsu Development Conference and the First Global Jiangsu Entrepreneurs Conference were held in Nanjing on May 20, 2019. Wang Xiaofei, Chairman of Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group, was invited to attend the conference.

The theme of the conference is " Gathering Strength of New Jiangsu  Strive in New Era". The first Jiangsu Development Conference was also held on May 20, and the Chinese pronunciation of figure "520" sounds like "I love you", representing the love and miss of children at home and abroad for the hometown. The conference focused on the theme of development, highlighting the Jiangsu entrepreneurs community, adhering to the up-and-down linkage, strengthening the integration of resources, reinforcing participation and interaction, reflecting the "Never End", holding Theme Forum, Visit and Investigation Activity, Exchange and Cooperation and other activities, aiming at recalling home love, planning cooperation, working together to develop and create a better future. More than 1,200 people attended the conference.

Jiangsu's dream, after all, is woven by every Jiangsu people's dream. The convening of the Jiangsu Development Conference has made Jiangsu people more concerned about Jiangsu's present and future. After listening to the speech of Jiangsu Provincial Committee Secretary Yu Qinjian,Chairman Wang Xiaofei was deeply impressed, saying, "I was born here, grew up here, as an entrepreneur grew up in Jiangsu, hope to contribute to the development of Jiangsu."

At the conference, Chairman Wang Xiaofei and many leaders,entrepreneurs, industry experts conducted extensive discussions and exchanges,and unanimously optimistic about the outcome of the conference.

When talking about the development of real economy, Chairman Wang Xiaofei said that the real economy is the lifeblood and foundation of the national economy, looking at the world, the United States is actively re-industrialization, proposed to allow manufacturing to return to the United States; Germany set off a wave of industrial 4.0, and many industrial giants spare no effort to invest in the field of green factories, robots, intelligent manufacturing. Without exception, the world's major economies have placed the development of the real economy at the height of their national strategies. In the face of the global wave of industrial intelligence and challenges, China has unveiled the strategy of "Made in China 2025", which depends on the rise of manufacturing and the strength of the real economy.

When talking about enterprise development, Chairman Wang Xiaofei said that "Gathering Strength of New Jiangsu, Strive in New Era " is an important theme of this conference.Under the guidance of the new era, Zhongke Electric Power will follow the national strategy "Belt and Road" to go out, with innovation as the lead,aiming at the forefront science and technology, building an innovation system of market-oriented and deep integration of industry and research technology, cultivating a high-level innovation team, and constantly enhancing international competitiveness, and jointly creating a new scene and new situation for Jiangsu economy and Chinese manufacturing, showing mighty Chinese power in the international stage of manufacturing.

Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group is the high-end power equipment manufacturing enterprises with integration of design, research and development, production,sales, installation, maintenance, a rising star in China's manufacturing field.To be invited to participate in the Jiangsu Development Conference provides Zhongke Electric Power a good communication platform and cooperation opportunities.It can be big like "Made in China", "Created by China","Constructed by China" and also can be small like "Made in Zhongke". With the development of China's economy, China's manufacturing transits to a new stage of high-quality development, opening a new chapter in the development of manufacturing industry. Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group will also realize the Zhongke Dream of "To be a world-class enterprise, Create a world national brand". As Mr. Qian Xuesen said: "Foreigners can make , China can also make it."

Photo of Chairman Wang Xiaofei, Liu Chuanzhi and other Entrepreneurs

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