Adhere to Independent Innovation & Show“Intelligent Manufacturing in Bengbu”on the World Stage

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In the exhibition hall of the Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group, workers are busy installing six brand-new electrical equipment. These are the new products produced by Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group. The environmental adaptability, service life, corrosion resistance and other aspects of the equipment have exceeded international standards, being the world's leading and the only one in domestic. Not long ago, after leaving factory these new equipment was shipped to the "China(Shanghai)International Technology Fair" for exhibition,the enterprises of Spain, France, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries have expressed their intention to sign the agreement during the exhibition. This time, the equipment was shipped back to Bengbu city to participate in the upcoming 2018 World Manufacturing Convention and Anhui Investment and Trade Expo(China), to unfold the "Intelligent Manufacturing in Bengbu" on the world's manufacturing stage.

"Look at this ZJH-12 series of environment friendly medium voltage switchgear, the salt spray test of its body and mechanical components can reach 500 to 800 hours, with strong anti-corrosion ability, far more than 100 hours of national standards,capable of being used in those highly corrosive areas such as steel, petroleum and other chemical industries.” Ge Guangbin, Director of Zhongke Electric Power Research and Development Center, said while pointing to one of the machines. In the exhibition hall, Ge Guangbin introduced the performance of these new products to reporter one by one. "This ZVP-12M series of intelligent indoor high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breakers can be suitable for low temperature 45 degrees centigrade to high temperature 75 degrees centigrade far beyond world standards, suitable for Canada, Ukraine and other countries with extreme cold weather and Libya, Iraq and other countries with summer temperatures above 50 degrees." “This ZKW65 series of low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker is the global original, its volume reduced by more than 30% than equivalent current products of the domestic and international industry, breaking through the frame current level of 8000A of the world's largest low voltage circuit breaker for the first time.” “The service life of these products can reach 40,000 to 60,000 times, two or three times higher than those international well-known brands with the service life of 20,000 times.

Following Ge Guangbin's introduction on these products, unlike the previous impression of the power equipment "Large and Heavy" image, these new equipment is generally in small size, beautiful appearance. "The products produced by Zhongke Electric Power over the years are not only with good performance, but also in small size, cost-effective, meeting all kinds of demands of high andlow voltage electricity application, and those products are more preferred and loved." At the installation site, Yan Dehu, the Deputy Director of Engineering Department of BBCA who came to discuss the procurement issue, told the reporter that in the process of BBCA moving from the city to the industry park, almost all power equipment of the new plant, such as high and low voltage power distribution cabinets, transformers and inverters, are purchased from Zhongke Electric Power. Compared with foreign electrical products, the equipment produced by Zhongke Electric Power is competitive in technical and performance aspect, and the after-sales service is without delay, the two sides have been keeping good relations of cooperation. In recent years, the overseas projects constructed by BBCA also used the power equipment of Zhongke Electric Power,the cooperation between two enterprises achieved great success at abroad.

"Zhongke Electric Power has been able to develop rapidly over the years, and can standout on the world stage, which has inseparable relation with independent innovation.” Zhu Dong, Vice Chairman of Zhongke Electric Power, said. In recent years, Zhongke Electric Power has taken reform as the driving force and focused on the scientific and technological innovation, and has taken the continuous improvement of independent innovation ability as the central link to adjust the product structure of enterprises and transform the mode of economic growth of enterprises. Zhongke has developed its own unique innovation path in the aspects of building an independent innovation ability, possessing independent innovation intellectual property rights and international brand.

Wang Yusheng Academician Workstation, Anhui Province Postdoctoral Workstation, Anhui Province High-voltage Transmission and Distribution Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, Anhui Province Enterprise Technology Center ... In these years, Zhongke Electric Power has a team of innovative experts, focusing on the forefront of the industry in terms of transmission and distribution, focusing on the development of energy-saving and environment friendly electrical complete sets of switch series, intelligent electrical products, and applying for patents to form independent intellectual property rights. At present, Zhongke Electric Power has declared more than 300 national patents, and most of them have been converted into products serving the public.

While developing scientific and technological innovation, Zhongke Electric Power took the advantages of the Belt and Road in recent years to establish business contacts with Vietnam, India, Cambodia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Hungary,Belgium and other countries, opened up a broad international market, and striding towards the target of “Be International First Class Enterprise, Create the World National Brand” along the development path of the"Internationalization, Large-scale, Industrialization"

Last year, Wang Xiaofei,Chairman of Zhongke Electric Power, attended the APEC meeting, through this meeting and combining with the past development in the international market, we feel that the countries along the 'Belt and Road' have a great demand for power equipment, which contains great business opportunities.” Zhu Dong said that since last year, Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group has carried out extensive exchanges and negotiations with Sinochem Group, China Railway Construction Group, China Real Estate Group, China State Construction Group and other central enterprises, and set out to set up overseas office, being a model in the power industry, serving the countries along the "Belt and Road". Earlier this month, the company also signed a strategic agreement with the local state grid in Pakistan to jointly build substations, and the"Going Out" of power equipment took another new step.

“We will continue to adhere to independent innovation, increase investment in research and development, continue to strengthen cooperation with central enterprises,state-owned enterprises, and strive to make the power equipment created in Bengbu city stand in the world's manufacturing center." Zhu Dong said.

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