Pakistan President Meets with Zhongke Chairman Wang Xiaofei

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The Second China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) Business Leaders Summit, which was hosted by CPEC Office and  organized by Pakistan-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, opened in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore from December 10 to 15, 2017. As one of the invited delegates of Chinese national entrepreneurs, the Chairman of Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group attended this Summit.

All walks of life in Pakistan gave a close attention to the visit of Chinese entrepreneurs. Mamnoon Hussain,
President of Pakistan, met with the delegation of entrepreneurs.

In the conference, Chairman Wang Xiaofei said that as one of the delegates of Chinese enterprises attending the conference of CPEC, he saw the business opportunities of the “Belt and Road”. With the strategy of the “Belt and Road”, chinese central enterprises and private enterprises will step forward to the international market, and we are confident that the brand of “Zhongke Electric Power” will enter into the Pakistan market with its advantages.

Before the opening of the Summit,  Pakistan Development and Reform Commission and Investment Bureau invited the delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs to attend the project presentation of CPEC.  The minister assistant of the Development and Reform Commission, Mr. Zafar Hasan made a keynote speech at the meeting. The Vice-Chairman of the Group, Zhu Dong delivered a speech.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) proposed by the Government on May, 2013, is an important part of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” which connects the European, African and Asian countries. Pakistan is at the connection point of the “Belt and Road” overseas routes, and after the completion of CPEC, the South Asia, Central Asia, North Africa and Gulf countries  can be united closely. And CPEC is the important area for Zhongke Electric Power to go international. This Summit provided a good platform for Zhongke Electric Power to understand the economy and investment environment of Pakistan. The better understanding laid the foundation for Zhongke to build the international marketing network. Zhongke Electric Power will through the strategy of the “Belt and Road”, along the development road of “International, Large-Scale, Industrialization”, make the brand of Zhongke Electric Power global, becoming an international first-class enterprise, creating world-class national brand.

The news of Chinese entrepreneurs delegation’s visit also attracted the attention of Pakistan government and
media. Pakistan government posted the news of Mr. President Meets the Delegation of Chinese Entrepreneurs on Twitter. The local mainstream newspapers and media , such as “DIN”,”Duniya” and”Pakistan observer”, have also given reports and attention.





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