Indoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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      This circuit breaker is a indoor high voltage switchgear with three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage 7.2-12kV. It is used as the protection and control unit of the grid equipment and power equipment in industrial and mining enterprises. The circuit breaker meets the requirements of national standards: GB1984 “AC High Voltage Circuit Breaker”, JB3855 “3.6-40.5kV Indoor AC High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker” and DL403 “Ordering Technical Conditions for 10-35kV Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker” and the relevant IEC standards. 

      It can be operated frequently, and it has the ability of multiple breaking, quick closing and reliable interlocking. With the integrated design of operation mechanism and circuit breaker, it can be used as a fixed installation unit or a handcart unit equipped with a chasis truck.

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