Outdoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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ZVP-12 indoor high-voltage AC long-service-life vacuum circuit breaker is the latest generation of the serialized 12kV VCB developed by our company. It can be widely used for the control and protection of power distribution system in power grid, power plants, substations and other fields. With full specifications, this product covers the whole 12kV series with the breaking current of 50kA and below, which can meet various operation demands in different conditions. It has advantages like structure modularization, small closing work, high safety and long mechanical life. This product meets requirements of relevant standards, such as GB 1984-2014 "AC High-voltage Circuit Breaker" and IE62271-100. Its performance reaches the grade of M2-E2-C2. The mechanical service life is 20,000 to 60,000 times. It can be operated normally in the temperature ranging from -45°C to 75°C and at the altitude of 5000 meters and below.

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