The Design of Sichuan 220kV Substation Project Enter the Review Stage

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The feasibility study, preliminary design and access system review of Sichuan 220kV substation project signed by Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group and Luzhou Seventh Construction Co., Ltd. have been completed. At present, the design drawings have entered the review stage.

The project is an EPC general contracting project. The scope of the contract includes 220kV substation and the auxiliary supporting works like civil construction, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, completion acceptance, energization. The total cost of the project is RMB 387 million.

The responsible person of the project expressed that Zhongke Electric Power Equipment Group has Grade B Qualification for Power Engineering Design and Grade II General Contracting Qualification of Power Engineering Construction, and has many years of substation construction experience. Through the exchange with the expert group of Sichuan Electric Power Company of State Grid, the feasibility analysis is made on the geographical location,surrounding environment, long-term load development and other contents of the substation site. At present, the design drawings have entered the review stage.

It is understood that after the completion of the 220kV substation, on the one hand, it will solve the power consumption problem of important investment projects in the Park. The second is to improve the reliability of the power grid, and increase the transmission channel of hydropower resources in the West.

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