Epoxy Resin Insulation Dry-type Transformer

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Introducing foreign advanced techniques, our company independently develops SCB10 series of insulation dry-type transformer with filler. The coil is wrapped with epoxy resin, so the product has the following features: anti-flame, fireproofing, anti-explosion, maintenance-free, non-pollution and small size. It can be directly installed in the load center. Scientific and reasonable design and casting process lead to small partial discharge capacity, low noise and strong heat dissipation potential. Our product is equipped with an intelligent temperature controller. Connecting the computer with the RS485 serial interface, we can have a centralized monitoring and control. This product is widely used in the power transmission and transformation system of important places (such as hotels, restaurants, airports, high-rise buildings, business centers, residence communities), as well as the system of places with tough environment (such as subways, metallurgy, power plants, ships, marine drilling platform) .

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