Wu Haiyun, Deputy Mayor of Lianyungang City and Other Leaders Visited the Group

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On December 3, Wu Haiyun, Deputy mayor of Lianyungang City, Wang Qi, Deputy director of Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhu Xinqiang, Director of the District Administration of Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Qin Yongchun, Secretary of Lianyungang Municipal government office visited the group. Wang Xiaofei, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Group, Mao Guosheng, Deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Group, Zhu Dong, Deputy Chairman of the Group, Zhu Guoyin, Executive Deputy General Manager, Chen Shanghu, Deputy General Manager, Zhao Fang, Director of the Group office and Sun Xi, Director of the board office accompanied the inspection.

Chairman Wang Xiaofei, accompanied with Deputy Mayor Wu and other leaders, visited the product exhibition hall and cultural exhibition hall, and introduced in detail the enterprise development plan, industrial layout, new product development, scientific and technological innovation team and the " Belt and Road" intelligent electrical products.

Wang Xiaofei said that Zhongke electric power has been among the top 500 enterprises of China and top 500 enterprises of China’s manufacturing industry for four consecutive years since 2016. The company always adheres to the development concept of technological innovation and industrial development through science and technology. In cooperation with Zhejiang University, established Zhejiang University-Zhongke Electric Power Equipment research institute, Wang Yusheng academician workstation, postdoctoral research workstation, etc. The developed ZVP-12 series intelligent high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker has a mechanical life of 60000 times, 30000 times higher than the mechanical life of the international famous brand; the salt spray test has a height of 800 hours, and it can operate normally in Russia with a sea level of 5000 meters, a low temperature of - 45 ℃ and Brazil with a high temperature of 75 ℃. Its anti-corrosion ability and environmental adaptability are very strong, and its performance is far beyond the IEC standard. At present, it has obtained more than 300 national patents, 300 product testing certifications and 160 software copyrights, and many products have won the title of national industrial energy-saving technical equipment products.

During the conversation, deputy mayor Wu said, “ I met with Chairman Wang during the Promotion Conference of Two Way Cooperation between Countries and Local Governments along the “Belt and Road” of China International EXPO at the beginning of last month. In the past month, the two sides have took exchanges and visits with each other and continuously improved the understanding. Zhongke Electric Power has made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry and the region by persisting in the manufacturing industry, and the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is one of the "Three New and One High" leading industries that Lianyungang strives to build. Lianyungang is the largest seaport in Jiangsu Province, with 300000 ton wharf and waterway. Lianyungang port has carried out trade with nearly 1000 ports in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with more than 30 international container transportation routes, which can greatly meet the export business demand of Zhongke Electric Power. Lianyungang comprehensive bonded zone has a high level of opening up, multiple preferential policies, complete functions and simplified procedures. We can enjoy the tax policy of the comprehensive bonded zone for the machinery, equipment and raw materials imported by the enterprises in the zone for their own use. It is allowed to implement the management mode of convenient entry and exit of goods and articles that do not involve export tariff, trade control certificate, tax refund and customs statistics. The newly established manufacturing enterprises in the comprehensive bonded zone shall be given the highest credit rating.

Chairman Wang Xiaofei said that the new era provides a broad stage for private enterprises to achieve great development. On the one hand, there is more confidence in entrepreneurship. The central and local governments have introduced tax reduction and fee reduction policies, solved the problems of financing difficulty of enterprises, and optimized the business environment, so as to enhance the confidence and potential of the development of private enterprises. On the other hand, the way to increase profits is wider. The "Belt and Road" initiative has opened up a new profit model for us. Zhongke Electric Power products have successively "landed" in overseas markets and exported to Vietnam, Nicaragua, Turkey, Mexico and other countries. At present, the export business has accounted for 40% of the Group's total business. Meanwhile, R & D centers in the United States and production bases in Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries are under preparation.

Chairman, Wang Xiaofei said that Lianyungang as a developed port of multimodal transport, connected the mainland to the outside and transported the inland goods through the maritime Silk Road to the whole countries along the "Belt and Road" , thus achieving more smooth trade exchange. It is believed that through all-round and in-depth cooperation between the two sides, a strong logistics guarantee will be provided for the comprehensive acceleration of Zhongke Electric Power international business.

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